JD Jojoba Butter V

A unique blend of JD Jojoba Oil and other natural, vegetable waxes, this combination creates an extremely soft and silky Jojoba based Vegan Butter, rich with anti-oxidants, that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it soft and nourished.

JD Jojoba Butter V can be used as a standalone nourishing butter or in combination with active substances and scents, creating a variety of cosmetic products.

JD Jojoba Butter V is incredibly rich and formulated with up to 65% of pure JD Jojoba Oil and other natural ingredients.

Provides natural deep moisture while regenerating and restoring the skin, protecting it from excessive dryness. In harmony with nature, JD Jojoba Butter V absorbs quickly and is the ideal way to improve the skin’s appearance throughout the body.

JD Jojoba Butter V is oil miscible, free of preservatives, coloring agents and is completely natural and Vegan.


5 KG
10 KG
25 KG

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