Sustainability is in our DNA

Appreciating the miraculous golden treasure the earth has given us, we always make sure to give back, operating sustainably and responsibly. At Jojoba Desert, all of our operations adhere to the principle of sustainability – making the best possible use of the Negev Desert’s natural resources in an environmentally friendly manner. We allow our Jojoba shrubs to grow naturally, ensuring an optimal future for the natural resource, as well as its potential for Jojoba’s special properties to be used within the cosmetic industry.

From seed to oil – we are committed to sustainability

Our operations meet growing terms and quality standards and integrate them with operational abilities, making Jojoba Desert the responsible leader in the global jojoba production industry. Ever seeking to make the world a better place, we guarantee a pesticide-free product (PFP) with low use of herbicides, low carbon footprints and low greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Production is local at Kibbutz Hatzerim and implements social equity practices, as the Kibbutz has held a collective economy since the 6th of October,1946.

Advanced agriculture practices for natural beauty

When it comes to irrigating Jojoba crops, we bring sustainability to a whole new level

Our sustainable farming practices include:

  • Harness renewable energy sources (both solar and from discarded waste) creating an optimal growing environment, without wasting precious limited resources.
  • Natural resources management by using reclaimed water through drip irrigation technology on non-arable land.
  • Waste management by reusing Jojoba pulp to fertilize yields and as animal feed.
  • Protecting biodiversity by maintaining varieties of “wild-type” Jojoba plantations and implementing a plan to conserve   natural habitats for wildlife in the Negev desert of Israel.

Development of new formulations for the market is guided by sustainability principles:

  • We choose only natural, non-GMO and organic ingredients and always have preferred using local producers.
  • No preservatives are added.