Responsible Agricultural Practices Through Water Management

Smart Sub-Surface Irrigation – Minimum 30% Savings in Irrigation Water

Natural resource management by using reclaimed water through drip irrigation technology on non-arable land.

Sub-Surface Soil Water Irrigation

Maintain a dry soil surface

  • Prevents weed seed germination.
  • Low humidity results in less herbicide & fungicide used
  • Does not interfere with field operations
  • No water lost to evaporation
  • Improved yield & quality by precise water consumption by crop

Netafim University – Section 6, Subsurface Drip Irrigation

We Lead Sustainability with Smart Irrigation Practices Using Digital Farming

  • Fast access to data and the power to operate irrigation in real time – all from the palm of the farmer’s hand.
  • Our farmers have the power to manage the irrigation, gather data from sensors and decide on real time actions.
  • Grow better yields and save costs by delivering the right amount of nutrients directly to the root of the plant.

JD Irrigation Water Source Ratio

Reclaimed Water

Fresh Water




Year 2018 2019 2020
[Mm3] [Mm3] [Mm3]
Fresh Water 0.74  0.75 0.27
Total Reclaimed Water 5.13 5.75 5.14
Total Water Consumption 5.87 6.25 5.41
Relative Ratio of Reclaimed Water / Total Water Consumption 89% 89% 95%